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Do you know what happens to lost goods?

Do you know what happens to lost goods? Allow us to breakdown the statics Normally Just 10% of goods are returned There is the rare person who will go through immense inconveniences such as trolling for your id on social media sites or piece your identity through evidence left on the valuable. These people will go out of their way to help an unknown person out of the goodness of their heart; our media page has a few instances. Once they get a hold of your location they will return the goods without further ado. The people whose belongings are found by these people are the lucky few. One of our aims is to make it easier for such persons to return your belongings. However simply by viewing the statistics you can see that such people are few and far in between (if there were more we’d need a new business model) Another 20% of goods will unfortunately be stolen and that is beyond us. In such instances your local police are the best bet. What we focus on is the remaining 70% of goods that could be recovered but aren’t for a variety of reasons. To tackle these issues we’ve tailored individual solutions to every conceivable hurdle in the way of you being reunited with your goods. An additional 1/5 of goods are unreturned because they lack identification. tag8’s unique identification solves this issue. Some people may think that they can put their own ID on valuables but tag8 tags are far more durable because they are made with the best materials available in the market. However the most important is that it’s not advisable to put your personal information out in the open where anyone can access it. Another 20% of goods are not returned because the finder is either too busy or uninterested in taking on the responsibility of locating the owner. This is where we step in. With a single phone call anytime (we operate 24/7) we will take over and make sure the found valuable is picked up at the caller’s convenience. There are many instances the owner cannot be reached by the finder or there are other circumstances but by entrusting us, with the lost and found, such circumstances are circumvented. A further 10% of goods will never be returned because the finder does not want to interact with an unknown person, there are times the meeting place decided may make one party uncomfortable and the finder does not want to meet an unknown person here. Most people find it more comfortable dealing with an agency than an individual who they don’t know. Another important aim for us is to convince people who are adverse to meeting new people or going to an unknown location to return goods, to simply call us up and have us take care of the rest. Our policy safeguards the anonymity of both the owner and the finder as they will never meet with each other as they will only deal with a tag8 professional. The final 20% of goods are retained by the finder. To tackle this problem we have kept a reward system in place and also allow the owner to separately reward the finder in any form that is totally dependent on the owner. So the most important point that we are trying to get across is that simply by purchasing a tag for a nominal amount(500 rupees for 8 tags vs. your gadget worth thousands) you are increasing the likelihood that your prized possession will be returned by 70%! So get tagged or go ragged.   There is the preconception that despite this entire setup people wouldn’t return these goods so let us ask you a question. If we made returning as easy as a single phone call would you not do it? If the answer is true then let us broaden the scope a little and ask if your family would do the same? If the answer is still positive lf the answer is still positive let us broaden the scope to your extended family. We’re confident that for most the answer will still be positive. We realise that what we’re asking you to do is take a leap of faith however this isn’t a blind leap; there was a global survey carried out by Reader’s digest that found Mumbai to be the second most honest city in the world (you can read more about it here) so what we are really asking you to do is have faith in the goodness in people that genuinely exists.