Frequently Asked Questions

Lost & Found

Getting started

Can I apply a tag to any product?

tag8 is designed to secure products that you may be prone to being lost. tag8 offers security tag kits for bags, keys, passports and pets. tag8 also offers the starter kit, that covers the following valuables, that lend themselves well to tagging.

  • Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and accessories, MP3 players and head set, USB drives
  • Items of daily use such as watches, sunglasses, wallets, text books, important documents including medical records and legal documents
  • Sports equipment including golf clubs, sports bag, racquets, helmet, hockey sticks, gloves or even your child’s favourite toy
  • Musical instruments
How do I apply tag8 to my belongings?

The tag is available in two forms – Hang tags (ie bag tags, key tags and pet tags) and the Stick-on tags.

Hang tags are self-explanatory where you latch them onto the registered valuables at a very prominent spot or in case of pet tags, fasten to the pet collar. The Stick-on tags require careful consideration when applying to the valuable.

Stick-on tags


  • Make sure the surface area of  the registered valuable is clean
  • Carefully peel off the tag from its holder, apply it on a flat surface of your valuable away from any other tags and press firmly to seal the adhesive.
  • 12 hours should be allowed for maximum adhesion to the product.


  • Make sure it is not stuck, not even any of the corners, to a curved or sharp surface or edge. You run the risk of the tag not being effective or it tearing or coming off.
  • Do not place the tag in a cluttered place in the midst of labels or stickers; this will hamper the visibility of the tag.
Will it spoil the surface of my product?

The material of the tag and the adhesive are internationally tested for quality purposes. Results have proven that the efficacy of the product will not be compromised. Also, the tag enjoys transferable ownership, and hence there is no need to peel off the tag even if you are selling it or passing it on.

Why is our tag durable?

We have designed the tag to suit the thought process of a Finder. The Finder Reward Program message along with the tag8 call centre number and Ownership ID are the highlight of the tag so as to make it easy for the Finder to intimate us.

In addition, the tags have been scientifically designed to overcome practical challenges. The tags are:

  • Water-proof tag
  • UV protected
  • Coated with high-quality adhesive to ensure firm grip with your valuable and prevents peeling.
Is the tag8 service available globally?

Yes, tag8 is a global lost recovery service. We pick your lost valuable from any corner of the world that you may have misplaced it and deliver to your home location or any other location of your choice.

Is there an additional fee to the delivery?

There is a convenience fee payable ‘at actual’ for tracking the lost valuable, collecting and delivering the same through to you.  This would include the freight & forwarding/ courier charges.  This amount will be due and payable to tag8 at the time of the delivery of the found valuable.

Reporting Found

Why should anyone call the number on the tag?

We have undertaken extensive surveys that have thrown up the following reasons for Finders not taking the initiative to return found valuables.

  • Lack of Owner Identification
  • Logistics of return being cumbersome
  • Risk of being held by the Owner for any missing item; specially referenced for items lost in public transportation
  • No personal motivation
  • Simple lack of time 

The tag8 solution has been built specifically to take into account these challenges.  Our Finder Reward Program has registered a return of over 80% on several categories of lost valuables.

What is the reward?

The Finder is rewarded with the following. 

  • Recognition certificate
  • Sponsored gifts
  • tag8 products
  • We also encourage owners to offer an optional monetary reward to the Finder.

The tag8 solution has been built specifically to take into account these challenges. Our Finder Reward Program has registered a return of over 80% on several categories of lost valuables.

Does tag8 have the technology to specifically locate the geo position of the products that have the tag?

tag8 service relies on the integrity of the Finder, its Finder Reward Program and its network of partners to track products; it does not have the provision to directly locate the geo position of the product. tag8 does have access to several Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as GPS solutions for tracking and is closely monitoring the development of these technologies from a practical daily usability and cost standpoint. However, we believe our solution is more effective, practical and cost effective.

Can I simply put a label with my name and contact details instead of using tag8?

Owners creating their own tags is possible. The advantage of tag8 is that the tags are water-proof, UV protected and use high-quality adhesive to ensure that the valuable is protected at the sametime the tag doesn’t peel off. In addition, tag8 provides the following advantages:

  • Finder Reward Program
  • Lifetime Service
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Theft-deterrence
  • Simple, Easy & Cost-Effective
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Managing product warranty

Through our network of partnerships with law enforcement and lost & found agencies, search for your lost product will be far-reaching and hassle-free for you.

Managing the account with tag8

How safe is my personal data with tag8?

Your data safety and security is of utmost importance to us. Our robust and impenetrable systems, and our expert partners will ensure this promise is fulfilled.

We will not share or provide access to anyone, unless it is required for a regulatory reason or sought by the law enforcement agencies. In cases wherein the data is to be shared, we will highlight at the pertinent stages of registration itself.

How long for my order to be delivered since registering?

Once you purchase the tag8 service, your kit is shipped in 3 business days through our logistics partner. The tag8 kit should reach you in 6 working days.

You may check your order status by logging in and clicking "My Account" at any time in this duration.

Having problems activating my Owner ID

Your Owner ID should have eight characters in alphanumeric combination. Make sure the characters are correctly entered. If you are still having problems to activate please email us your Owner ID at and we will contact you within 24 hours.

How do I update my contact information on the page?

As a registered user, we advise you to regularly visit our pages on policy and product updation. This will allow you to maximize your membership benefits with us.

We encourage you to sign into your account regularly to maintain personal inventory records, keep your contact information current, report a loss, and supplement our Finder Reward program, as may be relevant. You can also add new items to your list or update the status of individual items.

Is the tag transferable?

In case you transfer the ownership of your tagged item, the ownership of the tag can also be transferred. The new owner will activate the tag on his/her name. All you will be required to do is to approve the transfer through the click of a button from your own account.

What if my tag breaks or fades?

All tag8 products come with a one-year warranty since it is designed with the most sturdy material and friendly design. In case the tag cracks, fades or breaks within this period, tag8 will replace the existing tag with a new tag on submission of the existing tag.  You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on REPLACE TAG to get a free replacement. Please note your tag ID will be deactivated from our system once you request a replacement tag.  

Reporting Loss

What should I do in case I lose my product?

We encourage you to immediately post ‘Lost’ report with as much information that can be provided from your end. If you have the latest photographs, the search is rendered easier.  We also encourage you to supplement our Finder Reward program, as may be relevant.

What if I am unable to report loss of a registered product immediately?

It is okay even if you don’t report the loss immediately.  The moment the Finder calls in with details of your valuable, we will verify the condition of the valuable and the rest of the process will remain the same. 

However, in order to expedite search for your valuable via our network, we urge each user to immediately register ‘Lost’ valuable through their account or our call centre.

Warranty Management

Can I use this as a standalone service from tag8?

Warranty Management is a value-added service that we are offering on those valuables that are registered for Lost & Found with us. You can e-store and monitor warranty details. We also provide Warranty claim initiation support for product OEMs partnering with tag8.

How does this service work?

The user can register for Warranty Management via the same account that they hold with us for Lost & Found.Once a kit is purchased online from our website, unique owner id on each tag allows you to activate warranty related information along with Lost & Found Recovery Service activation.

What is the benefit of tag8's Warranty Management service?
  • E-manage documents : Store your ownership documents, records of purchase and service history for your registered valuables in your tag8 account; build an online repository for referencing warranty-related information
  • Hassle-free claims : Rid yourself of the worries of following up with separate call centres for different products and submitting product and personal information at multiple points. Report the problem via your account and have the authorised service provider contact you
  • Warranty alerts : Receive warranty expiry alerts, enabling you to stay updated of warranty status of your valuables
  • Simple, easy and cost-effective : With a single dashboard to manage all your warranties, the process has never been simpler. Initiate claims on any of your registered valuables at a click’s notice, and enjoy the convenience of the Authorised Service Provider contacting you. All this, at no additional cost